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New Cutaway contract

TRIPS is now writing specifications for the new Cutaway contract.  Any input, suggestions and/or comments are requested.

Will the E-450 still be the chassis?

This is Robert over at JTA, I would like a week to really look over the current contracts in more depth, take some notes there were some things I wanted to address.

Likely chassis will be Ford E-350- 450, F 450-550, and Transit model, Chevy G3500-4500, Freightliner M2-S2. Possibly include Dodge Promaster as well.

I think once the draft is posted and we can look at the proposed specs, we can give more input. I know the guys at Creative brought a Dodge van over for us to see, they are calling it a low floor but it is the promaster I did like the layout now the question is will the option be there for the bumper to bumper as is for the 19-MV-FTS, that is a great option.


What would you change on the para transit buses you currently operate?