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Software Program

An agency is seeking input relative to the software program used to track maintenance activities. Please share the program used and any additional information you wish to share.  If you are using an agency produced spreadsheet, just respond with "spreadsheet."

Does the program used manage or allow for modules as: scheduled maintenance, repair orders, parts management, etc?

Is the program easy for all to use?

Are you able to generate the needed reports?

What is the annual cost?


Hi Randy,

We use a system called 'Faster'. It is user friendly and does generate repair orders, reports, parts, labor, vehicle history, etc. I would recommend it, but unfortunately I don't have cost information...

SVTA uses a spreadsheet to track PMI intervals.
Most scheduled repair needs are found during the PMI and documented on the inspection form.

We are currently using FleetFocus but we are about to switch to cartegraph in October. I will update when we actually have it up and running to see how user friendly it is. I have also heard that we may switch over to trapeze if we can ever lock down the representative for it.

JTA is using Oracle as the maintenance software, we are looking to change over to a different system. Anyone that has used Oracle E-business suite knows its cumbersome, we have brought Trapeze in to demo their product, it is very user friendly, we also have demo's setup with Fleetfocus and another company I forget the name.